September 11, 2006 - With the Heroes
Page 3 - Troop Shirts Christmas 2004 in Iraq
Some of the gifts sent to the 1st Cavalry for Christmas 2004
FDNY Shirts4
Packaging 343 t shirts for Christmas Day in Iraq takes a small army
FDNY Shirts1
The troops carefully handle the t shirts
FDNY Shirts3
It's fun!
FDNY Shirts7
It gives the troops something to think about and look forward to on a Christmas Day so far from home. Each time they hold one of these shirts they think of the firefighters in New York City, and know they are remembered.
SSG D and Deuce FDNY
Santa's 1st Cavalry Elves...
FDNY Sack2
Something under the Christmas Tree for the 1st Cavalry
FDNY Shirts
Ho Ho Ho
Page 1 - Kevin Arrives at L20 for the 5th Anniversary of 9-11-01
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Gifts from the 1st Cavalry, Nora, 115th Forward Support Battalion  
Page 3 - Troop Shirts Christmas 2004 in Iraq
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 - Catching up with L20, 1st Cavalry, Nora in 2006

Page 5 -Troop Shirts Christmas 2005 Ladder 18 invades Iraq
Page 6  - Fort Anaconda, Balad, Iraq becomes Fort Pitt, Ladder 18, FDNY
Page 7 - Christmas 2005 more: Detachment 2632, Air Force Clinic, Sandra and back to Ladder 18

Page 8 - Ladder 111 Engine 214 invades Iraq
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