Most of the work on this site is original, contributed by their authors and noted wherever possible. Some of the work is sent by email unattributed or found on the Internet unattributed. I try to find the authors but I haven't found them all. If your work, or the work of someone you know is on this site without the author's permission, please let me know and I will remove the work or add the credit according to the author's wishes. Just please don't get mad. Please email me at rachel @ (without the spaces, they are there to stop spammers from "harvesting" my email address off this page) and give me the url (http://thisistheurl) of the work or right click and copy the url of the image andsend me the author's contact info and I will be happy to oblige them.

Also, please do me and all the authors on my pages the same courtesy. Do not take any of the work off these pages without crediting them back to the site, it would be nice if you asked permission as well.

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