The Shagadelic Details


So.... let me get this straight... all we have to do is show up?
I can handle that.
With a bunch of Z3's driving together, I can show up anywhere.
Party you say?
Party at a BMW Store that wants to feed us and give us toys?
Gee, I could handle that too.
What's that?  Two more parties the same night?
Jeez, that is one thing I can't do, be in two places at once, but I think we can get enough Z3'ers to overrun both places.
I sure plan to try.

Why we leave Tuesday evening: 
So the driving is FUN and easy and we have time to meet eachother and have some adventures.

Why you should take Wednesday off from work and do this if you can: 
This is the last Homecoming of the Millenium, the first and only Homecoming that has a party in Ohio. 
We don't know if any of this will happen again next year- not even Homecoming '00 is for sure.
This could be the last Homecoming with the best parties.  You don't want to say- "I shoulda".

The Harrisburg route is fun because you are with other Z3ers, but no party for lunch,
no party for dinner, no other convoys meeting up.
Do it if you can't get off on Wednesday, you'll be missed, but Homecoming is worth it all on its own.

Shagadelic cruisin' is just like a weekend day cruise as far as the driving- you get on the road at 8am-ish,
meet up with your Z3 buddies, drive for a handful of hours together, have lunch at a great place,
drive for a handful of hours together and have dinner at a great place
-the difference is that on the Homecoming Convoys when you drive home- you take your Z3 buddies with you
-and these BMW people are actually feeding us and giving us toys!
-and.... many MANY more Z3's... it will be Z3's everywhere and starting the party in SC early!

They just want us to show up.

Here's the Shagadelic Convoy Mantra:
"We are the Z3er's from the Northeast, we came to party, baby!"

(more yak to take up time while the image loads)

OK OK Nashville is far away, 14 hours ... and 5 hours from Spartanburg so why would we go there?
Because John B is throwing a bash and a cruise
and the dealership there has been known to throw a gorgeous party for us,
because the west coast people will be converging there- and they came a LOT further,
and we should welcome them to our half of the Universe,
because getting there is definitely half the fun of going to Homecoming 
(Amy Lester says she wishes she could do the caravans and pick up the toys, but she'll be busy getting ready in SC!)
... and because we might as well have a longer weekend, and less traffic and more fun.  

There are some added benefits, including massive Z3ing, and driving TO somewhere
(every shagging night, we sleep in a different state). 
Also, this year the midwest folks are having a bash at a very cool BMW store
-possibility of great toys and or service- its a Dinan shop too,
 and of course those folks in Nashville get Larry Tech BMW and toys and upgrades and party party party.  

Also, if you want to meet up with the folks going to Pigeon Forge,
it's on the way and we'll meet them on time.

In order to make the Nashville stop, one has to take off Wednesday as well as Thursday
for the labor Day weekend.  I figure that means we could take off after work on Tuesday. 
Here is the plan:
Leave from New York 6pm- picking folks up along Routes Interstates 78, 81, 76 and 70 
One snack and gas stop. (Maybe a little shagging... very little)
Arrive that night at the WV border. (Shagging Optional)

8 or 9am: Leave from the east side of Ohio- picking folks up along Route 71
Meet up with the Ohio Convoy
One snack and gas stop. (maybe- it's only 200 miles...)
Noon or 1pm arrive Cincinnati- Lunch and partying with the Midwest Convoy at the BMW store- maybe get some goodies?
(Choice of Nashville or Pigeon Forge route from Cincinnati.)

2pm: Leave Cincinnati
Arrive in Nashville 6pm (we get an hour back in Kentucky- the ride is 5 hours, but we arrive in 4...time travel )
One snack and gas stop. (maybe two if we don't stop in Ohio)
Dinner and party party party with convoys from all over the USA- and Canada- BMW of Nashville...and sleep... maybe :-)

Choice of :
Straight highway drive to Spartanburg in time for plant tours -or-
 John B's dynamite Z3 cruise.
party party party in Spartanburg for 3 nights.

The longest ride is the first night- I figure- get it over with...
meanwhile, imagine heading out the Interstate on a moonlight hot evening with 20 Z3'ers...... 
and we'd sleep in the Midwest- just over the border. 
It's a 6 hour drive at 65mph and even with a snack and gas stop we'd be in around 1am......
if there is traffic I will eat my hat.  (on a Tuesday night?)
Still, its not much different than the ride  home from a cruise
-except your Z3 buddies are with you all the way.
Get up in time to make it to lunch in Cinci.... 
(we could leave from NYC earlier... 
I am the only one I know that is leaving from NYC and I could leave earlier... 
and those who leave later could catch up easily.
Folks coming in from New England and Canada can hook up in New York or meet is in Ohio.)

Meeting up with so many different convoys sounds like party party party to me...  SUV this!

If you cant get Wednesday off, take the Harrisburg route, it will be great,
but if you can get away and  dig cruising to fun places and partying 
and making use of some great BMW dealerships, this is like a big treasure hunt.
 It's basically that we stop at the end of every tank of gas.
Also, since the registration is limited this year, we're lucky to even be allowed to go
hang out at the plant and be wined and dined and have them fix stuff on our babies!

1) We drive a tank of gas between meals-( three times to get to Nashville),
stop when the first person in the convoy has an "empty" on their fuel gauge.
2) Party, party, party baby- OH BEHAVE!.

We gain an hour in Kentucky and lose it again in South Carolina.
There will be no Virginia in this trip- YAY!

Shag me back to the Invitiation, Baby!

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