John F Keller's Traffic Pro Aux Enable

Please note this is NOT the way to enable the AUX on the 4771, and I don't really know if this works on any Traffic Pro. It may be useful to Porsche owners but according to Tony @ Becker it's all wrong. YMMV.

Instructions to enable  AUX on the Traffic Pro
NOTE: You cannot have a CD-changer and AUX.. they use the same input

Pressing the AUX  gets you this Screen


This is detailed on page 44 (section 9.1)  of the owner's manual, CD changer reset step... note the RES on the screen....

1.  RAD  to enter the radio mode
2. NAV and F10 (furthest to the right) button at the same time
3. Scroll by pressing Nxt to this screen

Press the AUX  button here to DISABLE/ENABLE

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