Adirondacks Best Roads Boxster/Z3 Drive

These are not stops, but because yahoo maps make me break it up to get the roads I want.

Bear Mountain
Bear Mountain-Wurtsboro 38.5 miles, 53 mins
Wurtsboro-Liberty 23.6 miles, 29 mins
Liberty Diner & Restaurant
Sullivan Ave. & Old Rt.17.
292-8973. YR. Open 24 hours.
seafood, steaks, continental cuisine.
Seat cap. 225. cc: MC, V, AE, DC, D. H

mpeg #2-
Liberty, Lunch and Dinner
(Biggish download ~ 8.68 mgs mpeg)

Liberty- Big Indian 34.8 miles, 1 hour 23 mins
Big Indian- Amsterdam 81 miles, 2 hours 20 mins
Amsterdam- Palantine Bridge 25 miles, 33 mins
Charter House
51 Hancock St Fort Plain NY ,13339
(518) 993-3600

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