Adirondacks Best Roads Boxster/Z3 Drive

Rodeway Inn Palatine Bridge
Palatine Bridge- Amsterdam 24.6 miles, 32 mins
Amsterdam- Wells 41miles, 1 hour 11 mins
Wells- Higgins bay 23 miles, 38 mins
Higgins Bay- Palatine Bridge 41.2 miles, 1 hour 10 mins
Palatine Bridge- Stamford 49.7 miles, 1 hour 26 mins
Stamford- Delhi 23.7 miles 41 mins
Delhi- Boiceville 52.1 miles, 1 hour 29 mins

Mpeg #3-
Roads roads roads
DaveT and Rachel ditch the group
Robster finds us at the Reservoir
(Biggish download ~ 8.43 mgs mpeg)

Mpeg #4-
We discover great acoustics
Emmy Sings (Supersprint)
Ol' Boston Green Eyes is back
(Biggish download ~ 9.35 mgs mpeg)

Mpeg #5-
Robster's Amazing Boxster
Secret Agent Toys
(Biggish download ~ 11.3 mgs mpeg)

Mpeg #6-
New friends
Wrap it up
(Biggish download ~ 6.8 mgs mpeg)
Ashokan Resvervoir 1 hour
Boiceville- Olivebridge 8.2 miles, 19 mins
Olivebridge- High Falls 14.8 miles, 34 mins
Depuy Canal House

View from the Dining Room into the kitchen at Depuy Canal House

****I have collected $20 for the Make A Wish Foundation so far from the participants,
and I have promised to match the combined donation of the participants.
Some folks are sending checks,
I will update the amount as the checks come in.
(My address is available from myself or Robster,
for those who wish to contribute.)****

Thank you Robster, and DaveT
for your good spirits and help,
and JonT and Mick for your photos
and thank you Mother Nature for holding off the rain!
What I learned from this drive is that there is no difference
between a Boxster owner and a Z3 owner,
and no matter how fast your car is,
it's only as fast as you drive it.

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