Psychedelic Catskills

What do you do when you cross a one lane bridge,
and on the other side of the bridge is a one lane road
with "No Outlet" and "Private Road" signs?

photo courtesy RobL
photo courtesy RobLphoto courtesy RobL
Why, you press on of course!
As fate would have it, one of the two people that live on the road
came along in the opposite direction.
The lady didn't seem anxious to back up and give way on

HER road, but Rachel explained the logic of the situation.
"Well, as long as you don't mind the wait,
you can hang out while we back up 8 cars all the way down the road

and across the bridge - or, um, YOU can back up."

photo courtesy RobLphoto courtesy RobL
Now really, what I told her was that I was really sorry
and we didn't realize until we were over the bridge
that we weren't supposed to be there, and all I needed to know
was if it was smarter to continue forward and turn around,
or if we should all back up.
When she stared down the line... she backed up.
Then there was that lovely uphill climb of big rocks over train tracks.
Mmmmmm. Oops.

photo courtesy RobL

photo courtesy RobL

Psychedelic Catskills
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