Shawn reads the fault codes from Emmy's computer. Couple misfires....

Dave T demonstrates how small my car is with the back supports and sheepskins. This car is made JUST for me!
Then we sat on Shawn and Melissa's rumble couch and were blown away by their home theater, while Shawn fired up the grill. You could have rolled me in breadcrumbs and baked me in the oven. I can't remember ever seeing the Gumball Rally before, if I did, I didn't appreciate it. Melissa set a lovely table, complete with green carnations for St Patty's day. We were spoiled like crazy. Todd caught up on a few Zs while the movie finished and we bumbled out to the cars shortly before midnight. It was snowing. Big fat wet snowflakes. Me and Jon T with our new brake pads took care backing out the driveway and Shawn and Melissa repeated the mantra "NO ONE ON CELL PHONES". (Another story, not mine to tell. Just everyone remember that when you get a lot of Z3s together, it's easy to goof up. Pay attention to the road and the cars around you- NOT the talkabouts and cell phones!)
Back "home" at Todds by the fire and tumbling off to bed for another night of rock hard solid sleep.

Emmy Go Foggy
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