Sean G
'98 2.8 Atlanta Blue
Regular Seats to Pat
Strut Brace - HMS
Supersprint - DTM
TECH - Steve
Great Show!! This Fix-It day event was truly a Saturday well spent...
  the weather was just about perfect.. nice enough to be outside.. 
but not so nice that we would have all been itching to take the tops down
and hit the road!!
Here is a link to my Photopoint Album for Fix-It day..
 I weeded through and removed any poorly composed or focused shots, 
and ended up with about 65 shots.. 
I changed the captions to reflect the subject....

Just a recap of the work I had done.. 

3/30 - 6pm: my friend Tom shows up at my house with his bag.. 
he packed for a week... I said "Tom, just because your SAAB Conv. has a trunk
 as big as a walk in closet does not mean you will be able to fit your whole wardrobe in my Z3.."
we will address that later.. 

3/31 - 12:15am... we arrive at the Super8 and drive immediately to the rear
of the building to find a beautiful site of Z3's lined up - ONLY Z3's... yeah!!  
Park... check in.. tell front desk we must have a rear facing room... 
2nd floor will do!  As we grab our bags.. there is a minivan sitting at end of row
(closes to Rachel's emmy)

3/31 - 7:45am: Time to check out and head to Daniels.. 
Tom and I meet JonT while waiting for someone to check us out.. 
I guess JonT decides not to wait and he heads out to take a photo.. 

3/31 - 8:00am: We walk to the Z3 parking area behind the Super8 
and are greeted by Bruce and Carter.. they offer to lead the way to Daniels.. 
great idea since we have no way of knowing where we are.. 
I like following Bruce since he has the Supersprint Exhaust with the DTM tips.. 
and I will have same by end of day...

3/31 - 8:05am:  We arrive at Daniels and line up..
 the Fix-It day festivities are about to begin...  Tom and I begin meeting people.. 
names I know from the Z3 message board 
are being matched up with faces.. and cars...  T
he 1st place I go is to the Service Counter to get signed in.. 
get my spot in the Queue... I meet Ann and Pat and we take a few moments 
to inspect the seats in our cars and confirm that a swap will take place.. 
PAT and ANN just picked up a new (to them!!) 98 Z3 
(to go with the white 1.9 they already have :o) 
and they felt the Sport Seats were w bit much for them.. 
so after posting to the message boards.. and my replying to them.. 
we decided to meet at Fix-It day to make the swap happen.. 
my standard leather heated seats for thier sport leather heated seats.. 
each of us gets what we want.. and everyone is happy...  
meanwhile Tom is off taking in the sights and checking out the other cars 
already in "Fix-It" mode... I check in and grab a bite to eat... and begin to mingle..

3/31 - 9:30am:  I decide to test drive a 98 M3 sedan.. Black.. so nice!!
3/31 - 10:00am: It is my turn for Z3 Fix-It fun... my car is brought into the service bay and treated ever so gently by Steve.. Steve let Tom and I watch his handy work, ask questions, and all the while he worked on my HMS Strut Tower Bar, swapping out my standard seats with Pat's Sport Seats... and then installing my SuperSprint exhaust with DTM tips... 3/31 - 11:30am My car is complete.. and is moved out to the lot for the viewing pleasure of others... Z3 Solutions paint matched door guards Tom and I spend the remainder of the morning and afternoon mingling about.. checking out the work others are having done.. looking at Daniels new and used inventory... and just having a great time in general... we grab some lunch.. from the Fix-It day buffet.... and mingle some more.. around mid afternoon EdScuba shows up and I spend some time talking with Mrs Scuba about Golden Retrievers... they have two and I have two... so plenty to talk about.... All in all - I could not think of a better way to spend a cool spring Saturday!! Tell Web he was a pleasure to work with as well - as was his staff and technicians (especially Steve - my tech). SeanG 98 2.8 Atlanta Blue / Beige / Beige.. 17" BBS RKII wheels, SuperSprint Exhaust w\ DTM Tips, HMS Strut Bar, and... SPORT SEATS....
Fixit 2001
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