Lisa #1
'00 2.3 Siena Red
Xpel - Replace Hood Guard 
Summer Twisty Wheels 
Chrome Tips
Trunk Mounted CD 

"It was a great day.  I'm thrilled with everything that happened that day -
from the work on my car to the fabulous contributions from everyone for the shelter.  
I will be calling Web in the morning to see what the story is about the delivery.  
I would like to go up and help them to pack everything up (and take pictures) 
and to be there for the delivery.

I had the hood xpel replaced, 

my REAL wheels put back on 

(I can't believe Bud posted a picture of my car with those butt ugly wheels on it!), 
chrome tailpipe tips, and a trunk mounted CD changer. 

You will be glad to know that ZINDRLA got a thorough bath and interior cleaning.  
Good thing, too, because when I removed all that dirt I found that I must have driven 
through some type of petroleum product recently that had left some really nasty residue on my car. 
Took me and my step-father hours to get all of it off.  If only I weren't so stupid yesterday, 
I would gladly have signed up for Carlos to detail my car (his work was amazing).

The delivery went smooth and the folks at the shelter were extremely pleased.  
We ended up with over $600 in check donations and more "stuff" that they thought was possible.  
The comment from the director of the shelter was "you guys must have big cars to get all this stuff".
 I took her outside and showed her my car and she was shocked.  :)  

Once they finish sorting everything out - they would like to be able to share with all 
of those who contributed what was done with some of the items.  
You would have laughed if you could have seen the staff going through the stuff 
and picking stuff out that they needed within their individual programs.  
Pantyhose gathered up by the workforce training person, 
crayons, paints, glue sticks and such quickly picked out by the daycare people, 
cleaning supplies gathered up by the residential living director,  
diapers and wipes secreted away by the shelter director for distribution.  
It was kind of fun to watch as they got all excited over glue sticks.  
I can't even imagine how long it will take them to full go through all of those bags, 
but they were happy beyond belief.  
This was their single biggest donation they have ever had!
They were so impressed by the generosity of people.

I just wanted you to know that all went well.  
I have asked their publicity person who is responsible for the thank you letters and receipts 
to be sure to include the dealership in these letters.

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