'00 2.3 Impala Brown 
Oil Service
Strut Brace - Dinan
Footwell Lights
Xpel - Headlight/Foglight Kit 
Fix Rattling Side Speaker

Steve doesn't mind questions or photos and invites me to walk under the lift
 if I want to look around. 

One of the folks from Daniels starts to load the shelter donations into the 500 series wagon. 
There is no way one wagon will be enough.

As we started to unload, John H arrived in dark hardtop. 
Carter and Bruce arrived shortly thereafter, followed by Pat and Ann. 
Rachel had arranged with the hotel to block us together in the back where
we could park our cars together outside our windows.

Install Xpel on headlights and foglights. 
I had a couple of existing scratches, but after seeing the foglight damage 
to Rachel's cousin Lisa's Z3, I wanted the protection!

Most of the day I spent walking, talking, watching and taking pictures. 
The demo on installing the spare tire was not one to be missed. 
Spent a bit of time watching the paint guys repair Cousin Lisa's spoiler. 
Nice work. Made certain my parts were ordered for the extra work, 
said my good byes to Web and Joe and headed across the street for drinks 
and sandwiches with some friends, old and new.

On the way home, I had to break away from our little group way too soon for my exit. 

Lost count of the number of times I played with the footwell lights on the way home. 
Hard to believe this isn't a factory option.

I added an extra half hour to the 3hour drive home by trying out the new strut brace 
on a few backroads.

I imagine there were a lot of smiles hitting the pillows this evening.

Fixit 2001
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