Other passions...
There are other things I love as much as the Z3. Van Gogh is one. Music is another. One of the great things about Z3ing is finding some other Z3ers who share the same passions outside of Z3ing.
A couple weekends ago we got a chance to combine two great loves. Z3ing and Frank Lloyd Wright. I did not realize until this moment that one of every five buildings designed by FLW have been destroyed. Another one is set to be demolished if things don't change by May 11th.
Our goal was to see Fallingwater and DaveT found Kentuck Knob. Todd sent around his copies of the PBS video, we studied up and Rob gave up his usual Easter Sunday at the New York Auto Show because Kathy loves Frank Lloyd Wright.
And so off we went to meet Todd at the Holiday Inn Phillipsburg.

Most of us suffering from Spring Stress. As our priorities changed to finding our way, maps took up all our attention. (Todd had already found solace in the vending machine's Belgian Waffles.)

We pretty much just hauled ass down the Interstate.

Lunch at a Truck Stop. I never saw so many cowboy hats in Pennsylvania.
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