Enter Fallingwater
This morning was wet. My fault for washing the car. It actually stopped raining in time for us to get out and about, leaving breathtaking view of steamy clouds sitting in deep valleys as we took mountain roads back to Fallingwater.
How lucky we were to have shot all the exteriors the day before!
Our guide was great, Fallingwater was more wonderful that I could possibly have expected. There is sad news too, Fallingwater is falling into the water. They have an ambitious plan to save the most famous home in America, but we were lucky to get in before they started renovations. They need $$$$$. If you have a chance to go to Fallingwater, near Pittsburgh, PA- GO! As soon as you can. Frankly, it may not be around much longer.
These photos are not intended to substitute for buying the real thing, there's great gift shops and tons of books and membership to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy that could really help to save this national treasure- tax deductible of course.

FLW Z3ers
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