TP 4771 Reception Problems (E36)
Posted by Larry on 2/22/2005, 4:27 pm, in reply to "Re: TP 4771 Reception
It looks like your antenna amplifier is not turned on. I have Audi A6 and
had to use antenna adapter (even though antenna perfectly matches TP) as the
antenna amp remote turn on is driven through the same HF antenna cable
Posted by Ken Belliveau on 2/27/2005, 6:43 pm, in reply to "Re: TP 4771
Reception Problems"
Just in case anyone else out there encounters this, Larry's suggestion is
correct. When you remove the stokc amp in a BMW E36, you disable the powered
antenna because the remote turn-on power that goes to the powered antenna
also goes to the stock amp.
I fixed the problem by cutting and splicing the remote turn-on lead (white
wire) so that it went directly to antenna amp and thus bi-passed the now
missing stock amp.

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