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Posted by Eddie3dfx on 2004-10-23 16:13:13

I just finished installing my harman kardon traffic pro and I can honestly say this thing is absolutely amazing. I unfortunately had to purchase it directly from HK because crutchfield does not carry the red face. It cost $499 plus an additional $17 for the aux/phone input. So not only can I attach an ipod/mp3 player, but it also works with a cell phone as well.
The sound is incredible, surpasses the alpine I purchased last year.
The navigational system is great, you can input a single address, or choose from a point of destination, like a mall or restaurant. It comes with 2 navigation CDs, east coast and west coast which were updated in 2002. The new Cdroms are coming out at the end of the year.
The Din spacers are available at LLtek at around $44 or so, a bit pricey, but they make the unit look very oem. The wiring is very simple to install, there is also no need to hook up the reverse wire which even the hk techs agree with. You can choose from 5 languages with male or female voices. When driving it will mute your radio or cd and say prepare to turn right in 500 yards, and then when you approach the street it will say please turn right.
On the LCD it gives you the street your on and street your turning on with the exact distance to that street. You can also scroll to see the route your taking.

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