Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 11:23:41 -0800
From: Thomas Kutzschebauch

Here is a quick description of the installation of a TP 4773 in a 97-01 Honda CR-V. You can add this to the installation page on your website.

The installation turned out to be easier than expected. Here are the steps in short
1) Remove the factory radio, following the instructions in this document:
2) Note that the instructions are for automatics, on a manual transmission (as mine is), it’s slightly different. You need to remove the cover around the shifter by loosening two screws and popping two connectors (both are clearly visible), then remove the lower part of the center stack in one piece. This is pretty obvious when you look at it.

3) Once you have removed the factory radio, you need a new radio installation kit. This is basically a kit that replaces the radio trim and contains the storage pocket underneath the radio in one solid piece. They are available >from Metra and cost about $20. I bought mine at Fry’s, but any other shop should have them as well.

4) Connecting the TrafficPro to the factory harness: You need an aftermarket radio harness for Honda vehicles that plugs into the original connector, this is item 70-1721 from Meta, again, this is easily available in most shops. Match and connect all the wires to the TP connector, except for the “dimmer” wire from the Honda connector (orange/white) – I left that unconnected, the “telephone wire” >from the TP connector (left that unconnected as well) and the VSS wire >from the TP (see below for that). I hooked up the reverse wire to ground.

5) Connecting the VSS wire. The VSS signal can be found under the driver’s side kick panel (left of the driver’s foot). There is a blue connector that plugs into a metallic unit labeled (Cruise Control Circuit). Unplug the connector and locate a blue/white wire. Tap into that wire and route that signal to the TP’s VSS input.

5) FM Antenna connector. You need a converter from the TP’s connector to a standard female Motorola connector. My TP already came with it.

6) GPS antenna: I’ve initially tried to place the GPS antenna under the dashboard. There seemed to be an ideal place for hiding it in between the two center vents, when you stick your hand through the radio opening and then straight up. It fits there perfectly as if it was made for just that BUT the reception is not good. I only got about 3 satellites, thus I moved it on top of the dashboard and routed the antenna cable along the windscreen to the passenger side, then route it behind the glove box to the radio. This way it is completely concealed and out of sight.

7) Slide the radio in, reassemble the center stack and you are good to go.

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