The first of my 5 TrafficPros was installed today in a 2004 Honda Pilot. There is a very obvious sound improvement from the stock system in this Pilot- it has leather, so it has upper choice stereo. The installation was completed successfully and I have a few pleasureable hours using the TP (still with old software). The installation included a Sirius Satelite radio, which also works nicely at, what is it, 89.3 (or so) on FM dial. The installer thought he'd be able to find the "reverse light" up front, but ended up running his wire from the back lights. The installation included removing a stock 2 din radio (AM FM Cassette CD) which is going into storage. At this moment, the TrafficPro is in the top din and below is a little looks fine. The Honda dash lights are a light green, the T-pro amber light is "tolerable."
And now, heavily regretting spending $2500 for the Honda "stock" NAV
in my 2004 Honda Odyssey. The TPro is nicer and sounds better. Will
be in a 2005 Honda Odyssey with Tpro in a few months, I expect.
I have used assorted GPS systems for 9+ years now. My
current Honda Odyssey has a nice big touch screen. Trafficpro lets
me drive with my eyes where they belong.
No install kit yet for 2005 Honda Odyssey. (on the horizon for me,
because it's bigger than my 2004)
Jan '05 update: My 2005 Odyssey EX-L is waiting on a new dash kit to be created.
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