Z3 Install notes:
    Installing the Beta (it may be simpler after the beta, this is my install from 8/15/2001 on my 97 2.8 Z3)
  • Remember if you are removing the BMW stock unit to use the special "star" tool to loosen the bolts. A hex wrench will strip the insides of the release nuts.
  • *Make sure to unscrew the grey "bullet" from the back of your head unit, you will need to screw this on to the back of your Traffic Pro and center it in the antitheft release behind the head unit in the console when you insert it. *No BMW Part Number!*
  • My 97 Z3 2.8 Reverse back up light pinout in the connector under the gearshift:

    Connected with a wire tap. Traffic Pro knows when you are traveling in reverse. Many people use Traffic Pro without hooking up the reverse connection. No problem.

  • SSV already connects in the harness plug behind the radio.
  • We chose to run the antenna wire along the windshield to the passenger side, down where the A pillar meets the dash, into the side air vent, through the passage in the dash to the radio behind the center vents and place the little black mushroom-shaped antenna in the middle of the dash- unobstructed for better contact with the satellite. (See details for running wires in and around the dash and console of the Z3 in the Book Of UNGO.)

    The Traffic Pro fits perfectly. Insert using the 2 silver slide keys. Remove the slide keys by pressing inward on each slightly. Imho it looks better and the buttons are more ergonomically correct than the stock unit.

I think it looks superb, and I like this display!



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