Transpod Docking with Panavise Mount
Chris Hoppe writes: I bought the FM version of the TransPod docking station before I purchased a TP. The Transpod has a line out port that I now use in conjunction with the aux in of the TP. It's nice to be able to drop the iPod in a docking station to quickly connect it to the TP as well as charge it. Here's a link to the version with just the line out port. I mounted it using the Panavise Z3 dash mount. With a little bending and the Panavise extension bracket, you can use the Panavise mount to mount the TransPod on the drivers side of the dash.

The TransPod is a bit bulky, but it works.

The Dension docking station is much better, but Dension doesn't sell just the dock with the pinout of the
connector. I've seen the Dension dock and it would fit directly behind the
steering wheel on a Z3 with the panavise mount.

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