The TP works, NAV works etc in my 1984 380SL!!
RichNJ writes:
The installer had first tapped the right speed sensor wire - but it
doubled my volume between 5-15 MPH. I thought that level of volume
increase meant he had the wrong wire...and of course, when he
disconnected from the speed sensor wire, further efforts were futile,
and the NAV no longer worked. :)
Tony (at the Becker board) clued me in that:
"The increase in volume with the speed of the car is ajustable
via the user menu...see page 41 of the owners manual unger "GAL
setting". The nav will not work without the speed signal to the
So my installer had it right the first time...neither he nor I read
the manual fully. Luckily, I was so pleased with the sound quality,
that I did not bust his chops too much, figuring I'd let the dealer
handle that part.
So this makes a successful current set of installs:
MB 380SL 1984
Honda Pilot 2004
Honda Accord 1996
Ford Van 1997
My 2005 Odyssey EX-L is waiting on a new dash kit to be created.

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