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The TrafficPro compatible PhatBox works with select TrafficPro car stereos (see below). It installs in the same location as a CD changer and provides hundreds of hours of audio entertainment. This Phatbox uses the SSA/Voice interface. For a general introduction, see the PhatBox Overview.

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Plays MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, and Audible formats
SSA/ Voice interface (Text is displayed in addition to the SSA/Voice prompts)
• 20 gig DMS cartridge (holds roughly 400 CDs worth of music)
• Hooks to the car stereo using a single cable
Installs with 4 self-tapping screws
• Lightning fast USB 2.0 cradle (USB 2.0 transfer speeds only available on computers that feature USB 2.0 hardware)
• NOTE: This PhatBox replaces the CD changer in the car. Both may not be installed at once.
TrafficPro compatible PhatBox
20gig DMS Cartridge
USB 2.0 Desktop Cradle
with power cable

PhatNoise Music Manager Software

PhatNoise CD Manager Software
PhatBox to car stereo cable (length & plug will vary depending on setup)
•U.S. Harmon Kardon TrafficPro models (see image below)
•Not compatible with the Ford factory TrafficPro II model.

If you can't find your stereo please consider a Kenwood Music Keg Solution, or adding your name to our Priority Mailing List, and we’ll let you know when new stereo compatibility is available.
How SSA works on an TrafficPro stereo
  ( 494kb)
User's Manual ( 2.38meg)
SSA/Voice glove box card ( 266kb)
Add an extra cradle for home or work $79
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