Does the Nokia CK-1W Bluetooth Car Kit work with the traffic pro?
Date: Monday, January 31, 2005 2:10 AM
From: shaulkez

I have CK-7W and the mute works well with TP4771. The remote blend
well with the interior of my Z3.
My only complain would be that all phone sounds only come from the
right speaker (mono).

Note from Rachel: Try using the "Phone" mode on the Traffic Pro to set the balance, maybe you have stereo? The only way I know to get into Phone mode, as opposed to CD, Radio or Nav mode, is to start dialing or have a call come in.

On 1/30/05 3:06 PM, "Mike Mendes" <miguelmendes@r...> wrote:
> >
> > I got the blaupunkt modified aux cable as seen on the users site..
> > will it work with the nokia CK-1W or do I need the more expensive
> > and newer CK-7W?
> >
> > Here's the CK-1W:,,53672,00.html
> > Here's the CK-7W:,6771,57864,00.html
> The Aux Cable is the same as the Becker, the only difference is
Blau has a
> stereo miniplug for OTHER uses and the Becker has RCA jacks for
OTHER uses.
> The phone input there is an RCA jack if you ask Continental to do
> The difference in the CK-1W and the CK-7W looks like the second one
has more
> features (remote control volume, 2 connection options, MUTE, etc).
> cheaper one looks more bare bones. Mute is kinda important,
assuming it
> works with the Traffic Pro like the motorola does. If you can get
> to tell you it's going to work before you buy it and install it,
I'd be
> impressed and surprised, no one at Becker or Motorola had even a
small clue
> about the Motorola kit. PLEASE LET US KNOW how it goes for you?
To me, it
> looks like you should shell out the extra money to get the Mute
> even though the rest of the advanced features look like useless
> imho.
> Nokia Wireless Car Kit CK-1W
> * HF-1W Handsfree unit
> * CU-2 Remote control button
> * HFS-12 Speaker
> * HFM-8 Microphone
> * CA-7P Power cable
> * HH-1 Mounting plate
> * User's Guide
> * Installation Guide
> * Bluetooth Passkey Card
> Nokia ADVANCED Wireless Car Kit CK-7W
> Key Features:
> Handsfree communication
> Two connection options: Wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection and
> cable via the Pop-Port™ connector
> Call handling and volume adjustment via Remote Control Button
> Car radio mute
> Ignition sense detection
> External loudspeaker output
> Audio line out
> Mobile phone charging - depending on selected holder
> Voice tag activation - requires phone support

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