TP and Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth Phone Kit

Posted by Jared in Charlotte on 3/15/2005, 1:24 pm, in reply to "TP and Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth Phone Kit"

I apologize in advance for not knowing about the BMW factory connectors, but if it uses ISO connectors the installation should be straightforward. In other words, if you were able to plug in your TrafficPro without having to wire up an adapter harness, then you're halfway there.

I say halfway as it's still very important to pay attention to the pinout of the ISO connector. On my VW the constant and switched power lines are reversed, accordingly it was easy to unscrew the two parrot inline fuses and switch them about. The Parrot gives you 3 muting options, be sure to use the correct wire and don't let the other 2 lines short against something.

If you use the ISO connector to wire it up, the Parrot will play thru in stereo. It's possible to also wire it up using the Becker aux input as this will give you more control over it, but it will play out of 1 speaker only. If you have an outbound amp in addition to the TrafficPro, the Parrot output may be too loud via the ISO connector.

I give the CK3000 high marks for integration and ease of installation. Yes, it will play thru all the speakers and the mute works well. However, it's microphone/outgoing transmission can be weak and crackly. Be sure to mount the brainbox away from a heat source. Also be sure to update the CK3000 firmware to the latest version... you may need the update cable. Good luck.

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