VSapra 2001 Boxster (986) S Triple Black:
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Before TP: After TP:
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Kenwood Sirius with the CR220 mounted
above it
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Replaced stock CR220 Radio with TrafficPro CDC Control

VSapra writes:
Not exactly plug and play - although I had to make one wire switch for the remote amp turn-on, I discovered that if you had an original upgraded audio system (factory) with the DSP options, then GAL was not connected to Pin A1....so I had to do the GAL hack.....all in all - about 2 hours to upgrade. It looks very similar - the LCD display is a bit larger on the TP and obviously a matrix display.
In terms of Pin outs - yes - almost identical - I had to make the
switcheroo on the remote amplifier turn-on and subwoofer out pins,
but that's about it - the rest were all the same and I used the stock
Porsche harness. I used the Becker Aux-In with the phone cord
for GAL, since I have the DSP option and no GAL
coming up to the CR220.
I use the stock Porsche CDC3 CD Changer - pin outs match exactly so
no changes there.

Jared writes:
I've owned both CD/CDR 220 and Traffic Pro. The pinouts are the same with the exception of the subwoofer/amp sense wire. This only matters on a Porsche with a factory amp. I use a Dension aux IceLink to provide signal from an iPod and a Parrot CK3000 for bluetooth phone connectivity.

Boxster- No AM radio?
Traffic Pro AM
Posted by TS on 3/28/2005, 5:55 am, in reply to "Traffic Pro AM"
The 12 volt trigger line needs to be relocated from pin 6 block C to pin 5
block A

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