Some Typical Points of Interest (POI) Traffic Pro

I can program where I am going from a list of Points of Interest (POI), or choose from my Last Destinations, or Memorized Locations instead of selection my Destination. Once we're on the way, I could decide to make a stop over using the POI Menu- and still stay on my route.
Anywhere along the way- or even from the outset- I can look for "Points of Interest" in whatever Local Area I am in, or any town, or anywhere in the Nation.
These are the Points of Interest in Jon's driveway in Piscataway.... need to pick someone up at the Airport in a town you have never been to? Kids want to go to the Amusement Park? Need some cash? Here's the ATMs...
Maybe you need banking services more than cash, or you have a (gasp) problem with your car and want a BMW dealership nearby, or want to rent a car for the people you can't stand to have in YOUR car....
or you want to rush to City Hall to get a license to get married, or you promised to pick up someone at the train station, maybe you left the directions to the branch office of your company at the office... no problem, Traffic Pro knows where it is.
You are on the way to the concert but you had to stop and pick up your buddy with the tickets and he doesn't know the way. Car's out of warranty, but there's a strange noise coming from the passenger seat. Here's a local garage, I hope they do good work. Or perhaps, like me, you don't stop for gas until the tank is EMPTY and you are driving on fumes on the highway somewhere and need a gas station NOW. Traffic Pro will tell you how far that next gas station is..,. in YARDS. (Granted, the map software is 3 years old, but you can see where 3 gas stations are together and one of them is probably still in business.)
Traffic Pro will find you a Golf Course- hey if it's on the way... to pick up the groceries... why not? :) Daydreaming while counting exits on the turnpike? No problem, Traffic Pro will remind you to take your exit. (NJ residents all live at their exit anyway)
History buffs, this makes it easy to follow footsteps, and if you get stung by a bee or bad sunburn, Traffic Pro will find you the nearest hospital, All kidding aside, when you are racing to the hospital to see someone you care about, it sure is nice that Traffic Pro will get you there even when your mind is somewhere else. When it's midnight at the Oasis, sometimes the tent is too uncomfy. It sure is good to know if there is a nice hotel just a mile away when you are staring at the Bates Motel and afraid to get in the shower.
Uh oh, on your way to court to fight that speeding ticket? Traffic Pro knows where it is, no worries. You might want to learn something at the Library to win your case, or go shopping at the Mall afterwards to make yourself feel better.
Got a boat? Want to meet friends who have a boat? Here's the local Marinas. There's a car club nearby, maybe you can meet some car enthusiasts. Get some culture, there are Museums in town.
Picking up at the Park & Ride? Traffic Pro will not only take you there, you can also tell them if you are going to be on time. Maybe the kids would do better at a nice State Park than the Amusement Park.You dont want to park your car on the street, here's an indoor garage.
Uh oh, there's been some trouble, where's the local Police Station? You're tired, you need a place to pull over, here's a Rest Area. The gang changed their mind, now they want Chinese, no, now it's Greek, Mc Donalds, Burger King, Diner Food, the Chart House- a full selection of nearby restaurants.
Who knew there was Skiing near Piscataway? Oy, so many choices! I can't go on...
but Traffic Pro goes on...

and on...


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