RichC's mp3 player set up
The wire runs down under the center console to emerge in the little cup where I just leave my mini-stereo jack when I'm not using it. I just plug the iRiver MP3 into the plug, set the TP to CD Changer and play. It's very much like using the AUX. In retrospect, I wish I had used the AUX inputs because there's a restriction -- I cannot switch between a CD playing in the head and the MP3 (This apparently is also a problem with the CD jukebox interface). You need to remove the audio CD or have the nav CD in there.
This shows where I tapped into the wiring harness. Basically, I stripped back the wires which were being used as audio input from the CD (Sorry, I don't remember which colors they are).
This is the interface unit I used to use to hook up to my Pioneer CD changer. Unfortunately, there is some confusion between the TP's reverse-engineered version of iBus and the PILA's (undoubtedly) reverse engineered version of iBus. The net-net is that it does not work <<sigh.>>> (to it's credit, BMWPILA indicates that it will not work with radios with Nav, but I thought that was just the "real BMW" radios

We tapped into the audio input from the CD and ran my MP3Player in and it works.When an audio disk is in the drive, I'll have to eject it before playing from the MP3. This software bug that may be fixed at a later date. This should not be the case if you have an actual BMW changer. <<<sigh>>>
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