E46 install notes & ISO Mounting
Please also see BobInCalifornia's Amazing E46 install with iPod and Satellite Radio
From: kc_madsen 2000 328:

OK, I'll step up to the plate!
It was this easy...
1.) Read the entire user's page (great info, by the way)
2.) Purchased the following: TP (model 4771) with software and wiring
harness, Radio Frame Adapter (BMW Part# 65 90 0 139 640)
I should have also purchased the AUX in cable also available from
Becker for my IPOD.

I ordered the radio frame adapter from Bavarian Autosport
(http://www.bavauto.com/shop.asp).. just do a search for 'Traffic Pro'
It showed up in about 3-4 days.

1.) Removed dash trim (steps 1-8 on this site:
2.) Removed passenger side air vent (only need to remove 2 screws
then pull the vent straight out)
3.) Pulled the old stereo out and disconnected it from the BMW wiring
4.) Installed my new radio frame (again, only 2 screws)
5.) Removed the glove box. Not too hard... only a handful of screws.
6.) Connected new wiring harness to connector. ALSO. . .
Black with a white stripe is for GAL. Blue with a yellow stripe is
reverse. These can easily be connected to the splice box above the
fuses located in the glove box. The wires on the BMW side are the
exact same color and gauge.
7.) Placed my antenna on the dash and ran the wire through the
passenger air vent, through the dash, and to the stereo..
8.) Connected the TP. Wiring harness, diversity antenna, antenna,
GPS antenna.
9.) Put everything back together again.Yes, it is that simple... I can understand why not a lot of E46 guys
have added any input. It only took me about an hour for the entire

Shel Cooper writes: the write up on http://m3.madrussian.net/diy_ipod.shtml is great for showing how to remove the glove box and radio in an E46, which represents a significant part of the TrafficPro install for an E46.

Duke Hamilton 1999 E 46 writes:
In my E46 Pin 10 is empty on both plugs both the factory harness and the TP Adapter. So adding the plug you are talking about would buy me nothing if I am just doing it to include the black and while wire into the cluster since it would be connected to nothing on the other side???? ...
George explains:
Your E46 appears not to have a SSV/GAL going to the head unit.
Maybe E46s don't have SSV. Since most of us are Z3/E36ers,
hopefully another E46 person will step in here. But you do not want
to ground the GAL/SSV, it absolutely needs a live signal. If #10 in
your BMW side harness is empty on both sides (female and male), then
your gut is right to fell something is off base. The person below
was telling you to ground your back-up lite, which was
blue/greenish/yellow (which I actually tapped into the back-up lite
w/). Looks like your going to have to find it in the dash and tap
it. I am very sure the TP will need the GAL to operate correctly.

Duke answers:
Found it in the glove box..

Adam writes: My troubles trying to install the TP in my E46: I had
never heard of ISO mounts before I tried to install the TP and was
under the assumption that DIN was the universal standard. The
installation kits from Scosche, American International, etc. all
fit the E46 with aftermarket DIN head units. Therefore, I thought
that since the TP is DIN sized and these trim kits support DIN
units, I would be fine with getting one of these cheap $20 plastic
things, instead of having to wait for BMWs version to come off
back order or get a custom piece done. However, what they do not
tell you are that these aftermarket kits only support ISO mounts.
This usually is not a problem since most head units are Japanese
and, as the article states, are all ISO compatible, which means
that the unit sits completely behind the mounting device and the
front of the unit is basically the same size as the back of the
unit. However, this is impossible with the TP because of the big
plastic trim that surrounds the front of the unit makes it way to
big to accept an ISO mount .

JoeCinVa writes:
323i and 95 325iC
Location: Woodbridge, VA
E46 Traffic Pro install plate BMW p/n 65 90 0 139 640 $37.50 retail.

I bought the BMW radio frame a while ago. There are 2 pieces to it: the actual radio frame and a spacer. If you install the TP without the spacer, the TP sits in too deeply in the radio frame. The spacer lets the TP sit just right.

BTW, I got the wrong E46 harness from Becker so I'm waiting for the new one to show up for my E46. In the end I should have a red TP in my E36 and a BMW TP in my E46. The fact that the BMW TPs illumination matches so nicely is causing me to seriously consider getting a separate BMW TP faceplate for $375 for the E36.

Any of you amber H/K TP guys want to buy a red TP faceplate for cheap? :)
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Kaz writes:
E46 fitment is just a adapter/filler face piece like any other aftermarket E46 install, not an actual widened, cosmetically matching faceplate.
Ron Stygar writes:
First pic is the contents of the BMW install kit (Becker BMW (Euro) Traffic Pro) for the E46.

Second pic is from the BMW Traffic Pro installation instructions.
Would be nice to see a pic from someone in Europe showing one to see how well it looks and fits.

I installed the BMW TP into my 2000 323i and the steering wheel
controls work. There should only be one wire connected to the TP
that interfaces with the steering wheel controls. It is the IBUS
wire. Pin 7 is that wire. Pin 7 on the BMW side of the connector
should connect to Chamber C2/ Pin 12 on the TP. Good luck.
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