*Sep 26 update, BMW's Red Cross X5s! *
On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, terrorists murdered the passengers and crew of 4 airplanes and used the airplanes themselves as exploding missiles, killing thousands of people in the World Trade Center Towers, and the Pentagon.
I wonder if they ever considered that they were killing people of every country, every walk of life and religious background.
Everyone lost someone when they bombed the World Trade Center. Including us.
It is September 14th as I write this to you now.
I was looking over the pages I wrote only Monday, seeing the people I was with last week. When I saw Lisa, I remembered how panicked I was when I could not find her for over a day after the attack.
Lisa works in a building near the World Trade Center.
I realized that the way I look at Lisa and all these friends now has changed.
I have decided to update people on these pages for what I knew some of them were doing only a week after these pictures, because we nearly lost some of them- and we didn't.
Pretty soon, things will be back as usual- except that they will never be the same.

September 18, 2001
Assembling these posts and images, piecing together days, and keeping my vigil on the vigil in Union Square.
I wake up with these fears:
That it wasn't all a bad dream
That I forgot someone to look for
That there is something more I could be doing
That the people in Union Square will have given up the vigil

The vigil began when a 19 year old student named Jordan Shuchuster came from my street and bought long pieces of cardboard stuck them to the ground in Union Square Tuesday night.
He said, "People say, Who am I in relation to all this? People want to help but they don't have the means for it. A lot of people have a lot to get out- a lot of emotions and thoughts and ideas."
Smart kid.
How has life changed? Here is how we greet each other:
Looking somone in the eyes we ask how they are. Hestitating we begin to ask the dangerous question.
Is everyone...?
And then we get ready for the answer.
Once the inventory is complete, we answer ourselves.
I am afraid to say that everyone I know is OK, because every other moment you are hearing about someone you didn't think possibly was near an attack.
Everytime we hear a plane, we cringe. Seeing everyone cringe forces us to admit that we're expecting more trouble. We are afraid.
As I tell the story from the Message Board posts, and the Homecoming and Fixit Day references, I will show you what was happening outside my window at the vigil around the same time as the posts were posted.
One thing I have never felt during this horror is alone. I have always had the company of these people on the Internet, and the people in Union Square.
Right now, there is some beautiful woman's singing voice coming from the Square, in the dark, she is singing to the hundreds of people gathered there, holding candles they brought from home.
Ways To Contribute:
Update September 11, 2002
One of the worst things about 9/11/01 was not being able to help people.
One of the best things to come out of 9/11/01 how many people found ways to help.
Here is a collection of alternative ways to help and get help, grassroots efforts, non monetary ways to contribute and continue the spirit of standing together against adversity.
As one voice a mile away from Ground Zero, let me say that my idea of the best way to honor the meaning of 9/11 today is:
Go To Work, Take a Plane, Love the people around you, Laugh with a friend and Learn something about at least one person who died on Flight 93, at the World Trade Center or the Pentagon.
September 20th 2002
Madison Square Garden
Stars, Stripes, and Skates
September 20th 2002
Baseball Game- FDNY vs NYPD
$10 Keyspan Park
Unofficial NY Firefighters page
many cool things here
3 year old needs blood and platelets
WTC Fireboat 4 Sale
How to build safer WTC
September 29th 2002
5 K Run Brooklyn Battery Tunnel
Donate Gently Used Baby Gear
www.squad18.com www.squad288.com www.rescue1fdny.com
www.fdnyrescue2.com www.ladder20.com
Cool stuff sold by FDNY
Directly benefits families
Official site to voice opinions
On Rebuilding Lower Manhattan
Grassroots movement to
Rebuild World Trade Center
Memorial Funds for Flight 93
Many WTC restaurant workers were lost
Superb Official site
Remembers the Victims
Photos 4 sale- proceeds to victims
Wonderful Links
Blue Man Group
Online Music Video
Bits of paper from WTC blown
to Brooklyn
Free crisis counseling services

Here are the links that I posted last year:

1. The Survivor's Fund - focus is on long-term needs of the victims and
their families.

The Survivors' Fund
c/o The Community Foundation for the National Capitol Region
1112 16th Street, NW
Suite 340
Washington, DC 20036

Phone: (202) 488-2060

2. The Burn Center at Washington Hospital

The Burn Center Fund
Washington Hospital Center Foundation
110 Irving Street, NW
Washington, DC 20010-2975

(202) 877-6558

Help rescue pets of missing owners, some have starved

The Manhattan restaurant community is raising money to help the relatives- including as many as 500 children- of the food service workers killed at the World Trade Center.
Donations intended to help their families can be sent to
Windows of Hope Family Reflief Fund
c/o Beacon Restaurant
25 W 56th St.
New York, NY 10019

Help Low Income Women and out of work and homeless since the disaster


The Thomas E. Burnett Jr. Family Memorial Fund
C/o CIBC Oppenheimer Corp.
Account #074-17387-10
580 California Street, Suite 2300
San Francisco, CA 94104

Please click the link to find good ways to donate and contribute to NY City Victims

United Way's Sept 11 Fund

Red Cross
came for hope and caring since September 18, 2001
Tuesday September 11, 2001
****Ways To Contribute Here!****
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Tuesday September 18, Comics~~
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many more Z3ers and people have been helping, more than I could mention, THANK YOU!
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