I had spoken to Tom the night before. He hadn't been on the Internet, but picked up a voicemail I had left him on his home phone. I guess the phone worked because Tom only lives 5 blocks from me. When I had spoken to him, he sounded like he would never return to Manhattan. When I saw this post, I was happy and proud to see he had come back- fighting.
My personal account..will make you :) (coorected)

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First and foremost, I cannot appreciate the overwhelming kindness and love from so many of my friends, thank you all for your heartfelt thoughts, Especially Rachel who has really been an embassador to many introductions, thank you.

While I can tell you that the accounts I have personally witnessed in the last 48 or whatever hours could probably fill a book, I'll spare the details and keep this brief:

I was in the financial district today to help check out our systems and found myself crossing Wall Street this morning to inspect another of our locations. In the backgroud you will see 75 Wall and other details demonstrating this, my only photo I snapped, is indeed genuine.

While right now, there are many friends and family in unsurmountable turmoil, we find a few things that might bring a smile, or some kind of comfort. I hope that this might...

I'll be out of touch... for now helping to keep our systems going, immediately afterward, in my convertible cruising far away from here to appreciate everything I see along the way.

RichNYC had also come back to get his company back on line, and when he saw this post he realized he was on the same block as Tom.
We haven't figured out whose coupe this is, but it was a very welcome sight.
Z3ers, we are everywhere.

Betty///M in Virginia was a non-stop propaganda maven and cheerleader
Tomorrow is national day of mourning & remembrance

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Pres. Bush has declared. Wear you red, white & blue, lights on, fly flag on your antenna. If you do not have one, go here.

Once again, the vigil lit up the night with candles
Tuesday September 11, 2001
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