I took pictures of everything I could. I poked around and did some spy work with the employees. The 1940 Lincoln Continental does spend some of it's life time here, right now it is in a repair shop in Savannah.
Glee and ecstasy.
The Beaufort County Open Land Trust dames were giving me the creeps. They'd give spiders the creeps. Still, we figured we'd have a bite to eat before we split early. ZeeJay had some Lowcountry shacks by the water to show me where we could eat fish and swat flies. There was always the possibility of a John Belushi-type raid of several car shops hunting for the Lincoln in Savannah to kill time before my flight home.
Over at the linen table cloth and chafing dish silver platter tables were crab puffs and southern fried chicken and red bean salad and fried green tomatoes and potato salad and cornbread and ham and biscuit petite fours and 2 kinds of finger sandwiches, tomato and cucumber. Also an open bar.
We began to serve ourselves and were greeted by this gauzy white dress southern Open Trust babe, using the royal "we" said, "We can't serve yet because the shrimp and grits aren't ready. What else can we do?"
I answered, "If you are asking me, I would say you are asking for a food line where the food will get cold before people get to eat it. Serve the shrimp and grits as the second course."
I felt like the kid who said the emperor had new clothes.
She waddled off and found herself shuffling back in to scold other hungry people who ventured to capture a crab puff off the table.
I overheard someone say that lunch was at 12:30, this was apparently a secret.
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