Day Three- 1/4 Lap of America

All I had for breakfast at the Taliesin commissary was some very strange cheesecake. It had like a Star Trek anomaly filling with various shades of cheesy white stuff. When I looked twice at it, JTP said, "This is Wisconsin, don't tell us about cheese". Hey cheese-boy, we just drove from New York, don't tell us about cheesecake.
I remembered JohnB's warning about ordering a burger in Wisconsin- "Remember to tell them 'No butter on my burger please'." That would have to wait until lunch.
I am sorry to go on about food and breakfast so much, but we had a really hard time finding food in Wisconsin.
So, I am freezing. And hungry. And ticked off at the guide. The heated vest is great when it's plugged into my car, but standing on the side of Shining Brow in the wind with my feet in wet grass in leather boots, and it's lightly raining little freezing rain drops. Margaret is still talking about the trees and the grass, and telling tall tales about Frank Lloyd Wright. I am thinkin I am 3 days into a 10 day drive, 1000 miles from home and can't afford to get sick for standing outside in the rain like a jackass listening to her make up stories.
I'd like to go inside please.
"No, you may not."
Uh huh. Let me tell you how long that BS lasted.
About a New York minute.
So, all these lovely outdoor pics are from DaveT. In fact, most of the pics from the whole trip are from DaveT. I took about 100 pics on the whole trip, Dave took about 1000. I just get to code them and pore over the pics he sends like jewels in Pandora's box.
Another part of the challenge is presenting the pics. Usually I am cropped and reducing the size and number of images, this time is not so easy. Reducing the size can mean losing the nap of fabrics that are treasures in their own right. Cropping is nearly impossible because everything is beautiful continuously as far as the ey can see and in every direction. The ceilings, the floors, and everything to your left and right. Whittling down the number of images left me with 100 that I love. So, uh, there's a lot of images, and they're all pretty big. :::::cheesy grin::::
DaveT and JTP took the outdoor tour while I got to sit inside the Great Room. The Taliesin staff allowed me to sit, with my shoes wrapped in blue paper shoe-peds, on any seat with a certain gold colored fabric on it in the great living room.
I was fairly ecstatic. I sat everywhere and checked out the room from every angle I could think of, and tried to sneak photos.
I suck at sneaking. Wait till you see the shots Dave got later. :)
Here's the report from Dave on the outdoor stuff, with notes from me, his editor...
Man made lake, FLW design.

Day Three- 1/4 Lap of America
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May 21-30, 2001

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