Day Four- 1/4 Lap of America
Balch House

Dave shooting from CiZi
Her Impala Brown compliments the Balch Brown exterior
Goodrich Residence (S.042)

Another example of open porches becoming ugly enclosed porches, dormers least those frilly awnings are gone but the stained glass windows are obscured by window screens.
Another lovely composition with CiZi's Impala Brown

Balch and Goodrich
Day Four - 1/4 Lap of America
Oak Park, IL
Midway Gardens Light of the World~~ Cheney House- Upstairs Reality~~
Cheney House Downstairs Luxfer Prisms~~
Parker and the Gales A Family Affair~~ Hills-DeCaro Victorian Greeks~~
Moore House English Tudor Porch~~ Heurtley Pink House~~
Beachy Winter and Spring~~ Frank Thomas Boston Green Thing of Beauty~~
Unity Temple Uplifting~~ Young If I Could Go There~~ Balch and Goodrich Impala Browns~~
Francisco Terrace and Furbeck What remains~~ Charles Roberts House and Stable For Sale!~~
Frank Lloyd Wright Studio Chain Gang~~ Frank Lloyd Wright Home Don't Look Back~~
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May 21-30, 2001

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