We find Zeattle Dave and CargoGirl in the Caf≥.
Hey! Where's my keychain????
For those of you who missed the Zeattle Keychain Story:
coupla a's (archive)

Posted by Mark B on June 19, 2001 at 20:38:43:

In Reply to: coupla qs posted by Rachel on June 19, 2001 at 18:08:51:

    [edited for brevity]... I have heard nothing but good things about BMW Northwest in Fife, which is about 800 bazillion miles South. But I would drop my car off there and freaking walk back before I went to Bellevue.

    You can have a keychain when you come visit us in Seattle. I'll even get it engraved with a little space needle for you.

    my 0.03
    Mark B
    Alpine 3.0

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Mark B gets a reprieve until HC01 on the Zeattle Latte Drive, August 11, 2001

MarkB, that's a different way to go topless! No, really, you don't have to give me the shirt off your back... just a BMW keychain... engraved.... by Homecoming... or else!
I'm in engraving hell (archive)

Posted by Mark B on August 21, 2001 at 14:22:59:

    (posted from: bdsl. (
I don't know what I did to deserve this. I just went to the three (count them, three) jewelers in Mount Vernon. They were closed yesterday because it was nice outside.

Today, it's raining.

Anyone want to guess approximately what percentage of the jewelers in Mount Vernon, WA do engraving?

Just take a wild guess ...

Mark B
Alpine 3.0

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OT: Italian engravers and blind date(s) (archive)

Posted by Mark B on August 25, 2001 at 08:36:35:

    (posted from: 23.seattle-05-10rs.wa.dial-access.att.net (
This guy could just as easily have been German, or French, or American. He was, however, Italian, and so I will try to give you the accent.

Picture, if you will, me walking into an engraver's store in downtown Seattle. It's a little shop about a block north of The Bon. It's got that smell that all small downtown stores have, as if the proprietor is cooking some sort of stew in the back. Sitting behind the counter is a fifty-ish woman talking quietly, but energetically on the phone. When she sees me, she yells "GINO!!!"

And out comes Gino, a 60-ish Italian man. He's stout, but not fat, a little shorter than I am, and he has a gold bracelet on. He's stylish in the way that Italian people seem to be ... there's no particular justification. His hair, which, if left to its own devices, would have been gray, was instead JET black. Too black. An unnatural black.

He walks up to me and says, "I'm Gino". And with a glance to the woman he says "My DSL line, she is broken".

And so I say "I'd like to get this..."

"I don't a-know what's a wrong with the DSL. It's a-working fine and then nothing! Let me tell you how many faxes I am getting. No faxes! That's how many I get since I start with the DSL. No DSL, I get faxes ... DSL and NO FAXES!"

"Yes, well, that's too bad. I hope it works out for you. I have this keychain ..."

"So I call the technical support, and do you know what he's a-telling me? He's a-telling me that the DSL is working fine. I tell him NO! If the DSL, she were a working, I would not call. I'm a busy, busy man. Gino doesn't call for no reason! Yesterday, the DSL, she was a-working fine. Did I call? No! So I tell the man that this should be the evideeennnce that something, she is a-broken."

"Yes, I can see what you mean. Those tech support people are hard to deal with. I have this keychain ..."

"He tells me that my DSL, she is a working no problem."

"I really need it engraved ...."

"Like Gino is an idiot, he tells me this. I tell him that she is broken. If he wants money to come fix it, then I will give him the money, but don't tell Gino she isn't broken ..."

"there's this promise I made, you see, and there are these Texans with nooses, and I really need ..."

"Or maybe he just doesn't want to fix it ... maybe he has better things to do than to help Gino. But let me tell you that he's in the wrong job if that's what he's thinking. He should be a librarian."

"Can you engrave without DSL?"

"Can I engrave without DSL!! My grandfather was an engraver! Do you think he had DSL? Let me tell you that I don't need any DSL to engrave for you, my friend."

"Can you engrave this keychain with this (I show him what I want)

"Well I don't know what a 23 gang is, but I don't like the sound of it. Gino doesn't want trouble with any gangs."

"That's a "Z", not a "2" ... it's a car."

"You all sound crazy to me. Gino isn't a magician. Come back tomorrow."

So, I guess it will be ready today ... I have no idea what portion of the message Gino is going to engrave. Only time will tell.

The blind date ... hmmm - it was just like all the others ... mildly depressing in the first 10 minutes when the realization hits that this one isn't her. Then there's the couple of hours of talking about this and that. I got in my car on the way home and dropped the top and threw in Casey Chambers "last hard bible" and hummed home. Fishing all day tomorrow (today)... life is good -

Mark B
Alpine 3.0

Mark B came through golden with a keychain exactly as promised. I ran into Zeattle Dave and PaulCz in the Zentrum caf≥- a fitting setting for the exchange- how could it possibly be any better?
With due pomp and circumstance, they presented me with the Holy Seattle Keychain

That is class.
(Good work Gino!)

Victory is yours Seattle, I wear the latte moustache with pride. Thank you for the keychain and the laughs, Mark B, the inscription is great and the keychain is beautiful. We missed you!
"Latte Love from the Seattle Z3 Gang" and....
The Space Needle.
I drank a latte in the Zentrum in your honor Mark- Thank you!!! It's gorgeous.

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