Then it was Big Daddy and Drew in the Green Vortex, JonT in an equally Dark Green machine, Emmy and Mario's silver track prepared 1.9 heading into that soulless hell of Virginia.

I think Big Daddy thought I was kidding about Virginia until we took down our radar detectors and saw about 4 state troopers in the space of 4 miles pulled over cars.
Hello cruise control. Thank god for the CD swap. I listened to Paul Cz's CD- I liked it, I listened to Tim UK's CD, gonna have to copy some of those tracks, a couple of them didn't have names on them... I traded CargoGirl's "Punk Ass" to Drew and Big Daddy who were thrilled to have it, got one of Marios...
We drove and drove and found bad food at a truck stop. Well, first we went to a HoJos that closed at 8pm. (open 6-8 pm???) Then we went to a fancy restaurant that took one look at us and threw us out. No reservation, no bath, no food! No soup for you! Then there was the McDonald's. Noooooo. Mario continued on without us after "dinner"

and we stopped one hour short of the West Virginia border at 1030pm.

Traffic Pro estimated Mario getting home by 341am.
He called at 330am- he was home safe.
It was just 2 Dark Greens and a Boston Green left.

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