I was walking home from jury duty at City Hall, next door to Ground Zero. Lots of funny things happened down there, and I got out of jury duty. (I'll tell you how in person-only!)
Along the way I passed a fire station and stopped to read the signs and banners outside and pay respects at the memorials.
I stopped in a shop selling NYFD/NYPD items and asked if the money goes to the NYFD/NYPD and they were kind enough to tell me that the firehouse nearby was selling shirts. That's how I found out about these t shirts. I went into the firehouse and was pretty amazed. They even had a dalmation puppy.
There were a lot of banners like these hanging all over inside and outside the firehouse. Just so you know if you are from California or wherever, your flags and your thoughts and your love are appreciated here.

How's THIS for a garage pic, eh? The flag on the fire engine pretty much says it all.

Then we were kidding around about my car being so dirty, and they got out the fire hose to give her a quick bath....

.... OK, just kidding...
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