Jon T writes:
As usual, it took a lot of effort to get everyone to their cars - we were all too busy chatting!

Jon T

Dave Blue Highways

Matt IHZP (Indy)
At 7:30am Fixit Day the alarm goes off, and what do you know? I don't sleep through it! For expediency, Indy spent the night in his full adventure gear, sans boots. (Can you blame him?) This situation cannot endure. First order of business, toothbrush. Where is it? Not finding it in my bag, I assume it must be in the Z, so I wearily head out to find it. Outside, I run into Mario and LeeAnn. I hadn't seen Mario since the R/C car race at HC and it was great to see him again, especially since we had gotten to talk a lot more in the Caranostra Chat Room since then. Than walks out next.

~April 13, 2002~ Saturday, Fixit Day
Than got this pic of Matt on Fixit Day morning in the parking lot going for his toothbrush...
I don't think I have seen anyone alive be quite that pale.

Than Z3HatZ

Tony & Barb, Pat, Me and EdScuba
Ed Scuba comes over next, and recognizes me as "Florida Matt." Yep,

that's me... :)

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