I met Than in line for the HC panoramic photo. Which means every time I've met Than, I've been dead tired :).
Oh, that's another thing about this Fixit Day... we had almost the entire front row of from the 01 Homecoming ("HC") panoramic photo at Fixit Day 02.
~September 1, 2001~ 7 months earlier

It was totally by accident, I didn't even know Matt and I was parked right next to him!
Behind me was Lisa#1,

Lisa and Me...
The man standing up asleep to the right of my car and Matt's car is RichNYC.... Then one car diagonally across was Than and Charlie, and one car over was JonT and next to him was Mario....

Lisa and Me and Matt... by our cars in front...

Z3 Fixit Day 2002
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