Matt IHZP (Indy)
By this time, I'm getting sucked into the fun.
Finding the address of Daniels in the phone book, I ask the front desk for directions. I already had some, but I wasn't taking any chances. It was pretty straight forward. Straight forward is good. My attention span is pretty short right now.
Cue Indy theme. It's time to find that hidden chamber, the Well of the Daniels, where the infamous Raiders of the Lost Fixit is kept. It wasn't hard, and arriving at Daniels, I find out just how worried people were about me when they couldn't find me. I think it was about 8:30 or 9:00am by the time I reached the party.
It was now time to catch up with all the fixers:
I got to see Mario's track prepared monster 1.9. A much talked about, yet for me, still unseen car. Archaeology now believes in its existence. :)

Rachel, Esmerelda's Mom

Flemington, NJ
1997 Arctic Silver 1.9L, HMS Sportbar, 4 Point Harness, Recaro Seats and many, many other little things.
My Daniels Tech was William.
Heres what I had done:
Dinan Throttle Body
Stage III Software
Engine Coolant Flush
(For the following Services I brought my own fluids)
Oil Change - Redline Synthetic 5w30 Motor Oil - 5 qts
Transmission Fluid Change - Redline D4 Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1qt
(Sounds odd, but true. BMW Specs Automatic transmission fluid for their manual transmissions)
Rear Differential Fluid Change - Redline 75W90 Rear Differential Fluid - 1qt

William installs Mario's new wider throttle body
Mario Jon T

Z3 Fixit Day 2002
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