2000 Topaz Blue 2.3 Roadster
Rachel, Esmerelda's Mom
Than Z3HatZ
I saw Rich-NYC, who I'd last met at HC.
We were the first 2 in line for the panoramic photo,which means, just like Than, every time I'd seen Rich, I've been dead tired.
Like last year, he wasn't planning on getting anything done to his car. Nada, zip, zero, zilch. He was there just to chill out with the Z3'ers.
Ja, about lunch time Rich asked me if the dent guy was good... of course John Bertha, (Ponytail John) the Dent man from Automotive Dent Specialists ROCKS, and Rich saw it for himself. So this year Rich DID actually have something fixed! :)

Rachel, Esmerelda's Mom

Aloha Frank

It was a blast.
Dent Repair:
It's almost perfect, just have to get new grills and it will be 100%

Than Z3HatZ

Z3 Fixit Day 2002
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