Bud and Yvette
'97 Arctic Silver 1.9 Roadster

Rachel, Esmerelda's Mom

Jon T
Bud and Yvette are definitely the kids your parents warned you about.
See? They are out there SMOKING with the other bad kids.
And you thought I would not know...
Time to get out the whip!

Wear your Z3!
Rachel, Esmerelda's Mom

Yvette is an ultimate Z3 Girl, with nails matching Arctic Silver

The nail color is Loreal Jet-Set, Concord #150 Perle

And Bud is an ultimate Z3 Guy, displaying his original "Z3 On Top Of the World" t shirt.
The photo on the t shirt is one he took on the top of Mount Washington.

Z3 Fixit Day 2002
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