Back to reality and my little car. Gil reaches into her trunk and finds an ugly mess. Wires shaved and barely connected, electrical tape used without soldering, it's no wonder I have lost the channel. In about 10 seconds he has reproduced the problem.
Emmy gets one of AI Design's soft blankets to cover her battery and Gil sets about soldering the connections properly.
::::up music:::
Heaven, I'm in heaven...
I can't wait to call that shop in Lansdale and tell them where to shove their appointment.
There's more though. I never had the amp secured. It was held roughly in place by the trunk liner I use to keep Emmy's trunk safe from the crap I cram in there. It isn't a good situation but I wasn't about to let the brain surgeons who worked on her previously- AND WOULDN'T ALLOW ME TO WATCH THEIR WORK- (yeah right, it's an "insurance issue", uh huh... you mean you are afraid if I see what you do to my car I will sue you... ) secure the amp. Sure they wouldn't drill holes in my car. Sure they would do it with silicone if I waited over a month, paid a deposit, and didn't watch. Sure.
There wasn't enough time to do the securing so Gil gave me another appointment for the next week.
I couldn't wait to go back. He took no money from me when I left. This is unsurprising. If you do really excellent work (and I am sure most of you reading this do really excellent work so you know what I mean) you know people will be coming back. It's more of a problem getting rid of people than making sure they come back when you are really top notch.
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