Matt's AI Design Porsche was conveniently displaying itself. Oh, that front trunk... that incredible space... and this one... you know I haven't got much of a clue of what I am looking at here but it looks so great I think I could move in to his trunk alone and have a better sounding room than I do at home.

OK I have had enough, time to see my girl.
Gods of Stereo
Part 1 Stereo Nightmares and Dreams~~ Part 2 AI Design, Automotive Intellect~~ Part 3 Custom Subs and Consoles~~
Part 4 Solder not Shaved~~ Part 5 Trunk Wall Mount Amp~~
Part 6 Stripped 7 Series~~ Part 7 Matt's Porsche~~
Part 8 V1 Mirrors, Notes~~
Kickpanel Removal for Blondes
Part 9 Passenger side~~ Part 10 Driver's side~~
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