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Holy RollerZ MAPS

Print out all the directions if you want maps and directions to follow along. Do NOT click on "Reverse Directions" to get the reverse.... For some reason it wont use the same roads.

Holiday Inn- City Line Philadelphia

Holiday Inn to Barnes Foundation

Barnes Foundation

(Remember there are gardens to explore)

Barnes to Emlen St

Emlen St to Cresheim Valley Drive

Cresheim Valley Drive to Stenton Rd

Stenton Rd to Church Rd

Church Rd to Meetinghouse Rd.

Meetinghouse Rd. to Beth Sholom Synagog

Beth Sholom Synagog

Reverse directions to Stenton Rd

Stenton Rd to Bells Mill Rd

Bells Mill Rd to Valley Green Inn

Valley Green Inn

Reverse directions to Meetinghouse Rd

Old York Rd to Dale Rd

Dale Rd to Glen Cairn


Glencairn to Terwood Rd

Terwood Rd to PA Turnpike- Willow Grove entrance

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