Fixit 2003
Something special is going on at Daniels the night before Fixit Day....

On April 4th, Operation Iraqi Freedom: Day 16
1500 U.S. troops seized Baghdad's international airport. A suicide bomber explodes a car at checkpoint killing 3 soldiers, the driver and a pregnant woman. Iraqi TV shows Saddam Hussein being cheered in the streets and, talking about the recent downing of an U.S. Apache helicopter.
The Iraqi information minister promised the night would bring an "unconventional attack."
Jessica Lynch was rescued by U.S. Special Forces from a hospital in Nasiriyah after the March 23rd ambush, but the rest of her unit from the 507th Maintenance Support Company are either missing, dead, or POWS on Iraqi TV.
We're all thinking about the people who can not be with us, so we decide to make a banner to show our support for the troops, having no idea how we are ever going to get the message to the troops.

While the banner dries on Web's office wall, the Z3s (and the Z4) gather back at the hotel, to indulge in ice cream sundaes and beer.... and rain.

Z3 Fixit Day 2003
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