Fixit 2003
My '97 2.8 didn't need any modification behind the headlight to accomodate the Cold Air Intake. Newer models like Dave's '00 2.3 need some modification.
Dave writes:
Mike removes the headlight assembly.

The large plastic liner behind the headlight that helped keep the hot air from the engine compartment out of the stock air breather needs to be discarded.

There is a plastic cap protruding from the rear of the headlight assembly that needs to have one side filed or ground down to avoid contact with the CAI tube.
Mike takes a measurement and then grinds away. He ends up with a nice smooth angle on one side of the cap.

After reinstalling the headlight assembly and plugging the bulbs back in, Mike is concerned with a wire that may rub against the new lower bracket. He takes a piece of the carpet side of a strip of Velcro and wraps it around the bracket edge to give a softer surface.

Z3 Fixit Day 2003
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