Fixit 2003

Web explains: "Never let the blonde behind the counter..."

Jason, Joe and Ethan, formerly known as Manny, Mo and Jack... and the whip...

Bill shows me my cracked engine belt. Time to replace! Thanks for noticing it Bill! It turns out I also need a coolant change.
LeatherZ list:
Spinneybeck Leather Care set
Silver caliper paint
Check my dot leather console lid 
New shift boot/emergency boot
Chrome headlight pull
Daniels list:
PA Inspection
Z3 Tire caps
Full Rigalis interior service
Wheel repair- two wheels, one extensive
Check car for summer driving,
  (tire tread, pressure, alignment)
Chipped front bumper marker light- 
  driver's side, replace
Fraying roof again
AND new Engine Belts and Coolant

Emmy and the Z8

Z3 Fixit Day 2003
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