Fixit 2003

There is no longer a New York Cheesecake Fixer competition.
(Whatever you do, don't take this link -----> Eileen's Cheesecake)
Vin won hands down. No one can compete with THAT!

Vin writes:
Well I had Rudy work on my car and I got the Suspension stage III, Cold Air Intake, chip, brake fluid bleed, oil change, and fixed my sub woofer.

The work was awesome! Also while Rudy was working on the suspension he noticed that rear shock mounts were worn out and broken, so he replaced them and Web said that was under warranty. cool! but the coolest part was that it fixed a thumping sound I heard when I went over bumps, which I thought was normal. =)

After driving it, I couldn't believe the difference! It was awesome! =) Watching Rudy work and talking to him was really cool.

It was also really nice talking to Mike Miller, he actually noticed that my brake fluid was in need of a change so I ask Rudy to do that too. But it was interesting listening to Rudy and Mike talk.

The Drive in was nice and relaxed since my car was at Daniels already and I was driving one of their 325I. Nice, relaxed, and comfortable ride. =) *grin....

The drive home on the other hand... *BIG GRIN ...... was amazing! She ran so much smoother and the handling was awesome, no squat. no dive. no roll.
Is it me or does the car run a lot smoother with the CAI and software download?
I was quite surprised and its a bit louder too...
It was a great time. always.

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