The Coupé Boys

///M Coupé Robert and ///M Coupé Adam with Mike Miller
Robert M Coupé
Red Bird, the Red and Black Gorilla

Robert writes:
Hello Rachel and all at Fixit Day. What a Fabulous Day. Thank you all!! How wonderful to be surrounded by BMW Nuts like me! What a terrific bunch you are.Daniels BMW is world class. I wish they were closer to home. Even so ,I will see them for Dinan upgrades to M. I had Dinan Performance 1 software downloaded..The change was immediately noticible as soon as I entered the highway. Acceleration up to the higher redline is sensational ( and scary). I hope we can get together soon, either as a group or individually. Rachel, come to my house to wash Esmerelda.
All you great folks, please stay in touch.
Robert RKMCoupé .

Z3 Fixit Day 2003
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