Excaliper- The Way Things Were

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PDRM0003 Remember these trucks on the road, "We're delivering someone's baby".
I miss those trucks full of new Z3s.
All the modifications you see here are listed and linked on Emmy's Modifications page on Z3ers.com
PDRM0002 Legend Five Aluminum Door Sills. Their site is gone, HMS Motorsports still lists them on their site.
Actually, you dont have to remove the sill to install the aluminum cover.
If you do have to remove the sill, this is what one of the pins looks like that holds it in. Shawn Fogg showed us later the best was to do this is to grab the sill firmly and just yank up hard.
The hole where the pin goes.
PDRM0001 Door sill before Legend Five Aluminum Door Sill
PDRM0005 Door sill after Legend Five Aluminum Door Sill. Egad those beads look bad, and the green seat belt pads- bleh! Now I have them in black. I also ditched the sheepskins- and the seats!
Woodview sent me samples of their available patterns to match my interior. The long sample on the left blends so well you can hardly see it.
Woodview samples- including aluminium and carbon fiber
I really wanted to cover the beige plastic door "hockey sticks".
Door before woodview hockey stick cover, with beige leather door armrest.

Door after woodview hockey stick cover, with beige dot leather door armrest.

This piece somehow got missing from my console storage compartment after a service appointment. Happily the part number for it's mate was legible.
Here is the replacement part.
It's not good to have a big hole in the storage compartment!
PDRM0456 Much better with the piece replaced!

While screwing my new Leather Z dot leather console lid on, I dropped a screw down this tiny space :( Happily, it doesn't rattle. WHEW! It was a pita to identify and replace the screw, but I got it.

Tri State Drive In, Matamoras PA. We stopped in on our way to the Warwick Drive In, expecting to come back to it later in the Fall of 2003.
It was a nice place. The property was sold this year, 2004 and that is the end of the Tri State Drive In. :( We never got to see a movie there.
Finally made it to Hawk's Nest Cafe on gorgeous Route 97.
PDRM0489 The Menu looked good...
...but the cafe was destroyed by fire. I wonder if they have rebuilt it yet?
We made it to the Warwick Drive-In.
PDRM0495 Although we came very prepared, we are not so fond of the Warwick- unless you bring your own food- and your own bathroom.

And so that brings us up to date, with new adventures to take, new friends to make, and this car- if I am lucky- to carry me into the future

Don't it always seem to go, you dont know what you got -till it's gone. Get what you want NOW, as much as you can.

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