Fixit2006-Glovebox Sag (Smile) Fix

I bought the Glovebox Fix Kit on eBay. Here's a link from Zack Schneeberger to buy your own kit. Steve, my Daniels tech said it was a good thing this kit was available because it would be difficult to make for each Fixer. Warren Campbell designed this fix as a DIY and inspired the kit. Steve modified the instructions, using the original screws instead of the supplied nuts and bolts, by moving the original glovebox frame to the inside, and using locking glue instead of the nuts. This way the matching caps can be used.
Fixit 06 - 142
Dave Todd's pic- 142
Fixit 06 - 141
Dave Todd's pic- 141
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Fixit 06 - 098
Dave Todd's pic- 098
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This part is usually broken, since it can't bend when the glove box starts to sag. It's even broken on the kit instructions.
Schneeberg/Campbell pic
Here you see the broken part from the Schneeberger/Campbell instructions. The part number is 51 16 8 410 477
Rachel's pic DSC00011
Fixit 06 - 030
Dave Todd's pic- 030
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